• Case Study 1 | Patient complaint about doctor visit

  • Situation: Jackson, a very prominent dentist with over 100 successful procedures in his name was disappointed to find out that one of his clients posted a negative review about him. She had claimed the doctor mistreated her and over charged her for a job she didn’t think was well done. That is her opinion and she has every right to post about it! Unfortunately, the negative review started ranking in position #2 on Google for the doctors name. That directly hurt his dentistry business and therefore his livelihood and that of his children. After failed attempts to resolve the issue with the client, the doctor was stuck with a tarnished name on Google.

    Our Results: We worked with the doctor directly to remove this negative review from search results. After 7 months of continuous work & tracking, the negative review was removed and dropped to page 2 of Google. After 10 months, the link was no longer in the first 3 pages of Google. The doctor was able to revive his dentistry practice and get new clients.