Google Q&A Report


In August 2017, Google released a new feature called Google Q&A. The purpose was to create a platform for Google users to ask questions about businesses and receive answers from either those businesses or other users who have patronized that business. These questions and answers can be found on the Google Knowledge Panel and the page each business has on Google Maps.

The questions appear in both the Local Finder when doing a keyword search as well as the Google Knowledge Panel when performing a brand search. Android users can also see them on Google Maps. This allows the questions and answers to become visible right away when a user performs a brand search that’s relevant to that particular question.

Like any other kind of user-generated content, Google Q&A will have an impact on the reputation a business has in the eyes of consumers. This makes it vital for businesses of all sizes to be aware of Google Q&A, as well as any relevant questions that have been posted by users. Of course, this can be challenging for businesses that operate at multiple locations.

Google Q&A on the Knowledge Panel

Appearing in both the Google Knowledge Panel for a brand search and the Local Finder for a keyword search in all browsers and in Google Maps for Android ensures the questions and answers are often presented as soon as a potential customer performs a relevant brand search. This is an important communication channel that should not be neglected.

As user-generated content, Google Q&A can impact your online reputation. It is important for any business to be aware and respond to their Google Q&A. This is true for all business locations whether the company is large or small but becomes problematic for brands and agencies that are monitoring multiple locations.

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As part of our Pro and higher plans we offer the ability for small businesses, agencies, brands and multi-location businesses to monitor, report and productively engage with the new Google Questions & Answers that are appearing on your brand page at Google.

Here is how Reputation Trojan achieves this:

  • Automatic setup: If you have a Pro Plan and are already monitoring Google reviews, we will immediately start monitoring your Google Questions & Answers.
  • Email alerts: Whenever we find a new question or a new answer on any of your locations we will alert you via an email so that you can stay in front of them. We even notify you if the questions you reported to Google have been removed.
  • Google Question and Answer Dashboard: We will provide the ability to see all of your locations’ question and answers in one place, simply, quickly and easily. You will be able to filter in numerous ways, to just focus on the particular locations or questions of concern.
  • Multi-location workflow: Staying on top of Questions & Answers is easy with our optimized workflow that allows you to quickly and easily respond to legitimate questions, report those that violate Google’s TOS and indicate to others in your work group that the job has been accomplished.


As long as there is at least one question about a particular business, Google Q&A will show up on the front page for any Google brand search. If there are multiple questions, the one that has the most upvotes will show up directly in the search. Assuming the question asked has received a positive response, Google Q&A can give a business’s reputation an immediate boost for users searching for it. This also helps a business to address common questions and point out the ways a customer can be helped.

In short, Google Q&A creates an extra avenue for businesses to share what goods and services they provide. Customers will know right away if a particular business has what they need. Meanwhile, businesses won’t waste valuable clicks on visitors with no interest in their goods and services. Win-win!

In this example a Q&A provides positive crowd affirmation

Using Google Q&A, the business can clearly define what they do and do not offer. Time is saved for the business owner by reducing the number of unqualified customers making contact. Customers, on the other hand, save time by ensuring the potential business meets their needs.

Reputation Trojan Google Q&A feature delivers a powerful new reporting tool to any sized business with a Pro or higher plan. The power of the tool increases exponentially for our agency and brand customers.


Google Q&A is automatically turned on for every Reputation Trojan subscription of Pro Plan or higher. To take advantage of the report the business location must currently be monitoring Google reviews in their Online Review Links settings of Reputation Trojan.

If you would like more information on enabling Google review monitoring, see our user-guide: Setting up Online Reviews Links.


How to access the report:

You access the Google Q&A Report by navigating: Reports –> Q&A Report.

If you are unable to access the report see the above section How Do I Setup the Google Q&A Report in Reputation Trojan?

Reports –> Q&A Report

What business locations appear in report?

Your login to Reputation Trojan will determine which locations are displayed within the report.

For example, the Google Q&A Report will display just the business locations assigned to a User. In the case of the Account Owner, the Google Q&A Report will display all of their business locations.

How do I look at Google Q&A results for a specific business location, label or status?

You can filter the Google Q&A report by Location, Label or Status allowing you to view only the data you want. You can also use the Search field to find a business, sentiment, or any keyword.

For example, if you wanted to filter by a specific location you would follow these steps:

  1. In the Filter By section click on the Location button.
  2. Check the box(es) for the locations you wish to view.
  3. Click the Filter button at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
Example of filtering by location

Managing with the Open/Close/Reported flag:

Click on the Status menu to flag an instance as open, closed, or reported. Here is the most common way the flags are used:

  • Open: used to flag unanswered questions
  • Closed: used to flag answered questions
  • Reported: used to flag Q&A instances that have been reported to Google for removal

This allows for agencies and brands with multiple team members to manage and organize the Google Q&A instances.

Use the Open/Close/Reported flag to manage Q&A instances

How to export your Google Q&A data:

You can download a CSV of your Google Q&A data at anytime by clicking the Download CSV button at the top right of the report.

PLEASE NOTE: Your export file will be affected by any active filters. To export all Google Q&A data be sure to clear all active filters.

Download Google Q&A Data

Can Reputation Trojan Notify Me When I Receive New Q&A Activity?

Reputation Trojan can send an Alert Notification email when new Google Q&A activity is detected for a business. Alert emails can be sent to the Account Owner, Business Owner, Users or any Additional Alert Recipients you’d like.

For instructions on setting up Notifications for a business location, please see: Notifications Email Alert Settings


You can contact the Reputation Trojan Customer Success team at anytime by emailing