Reputation Trojan is a robust solution for small business, multi-location, and enterprise to drive your business up with the right combination of features. Our tool is designed to cultivate and manage your customer feedbacks and online reviews. With dozens of features, each with options and customizations, be empowered to meet your customer experience goals. As a Software as a Service solution, we constantly add and enhance features to grow with the internet and the industry. View them all below.

Review & Feedback Generation

If you want something, ask for it, right? The same holds true with reviews. Request customer feedback and online reviews from your customers to fuel your online marketing. Giving your brand higher star ratings and a bigger presence on local search. With over a dozen ways to engage customers in feedback, including email and SMS text messages, you can gather more feedback and reviews with a smart, robust, simple and easy to use service.

Just Add Email or Mobile Number

Add a single email, mobile number or upload your customer list to start getting feedback.

Landing Pages & Kiosk Mode

We offer web pages and iPad kiosk modes to start the feedback process if you lack customers emails.


Use Zapier, Webhooks or our API to integrate with your CRM, POS or database for full automation.

Review & Reputation Monitoring

Never miss a review! Our review monitoring listens to your reputation profiles across 30+ review channels and brings all your reviews together into one location so you can manage, respond and report on them with ease.

You have the option to ask a handful of survey questions to understand your performance in key areas.  Customers are then provided access to your selected online review sites to generate 3rd-party reviews for your business.

Capture Your Net Promoter Score

Establish, evaluate and improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a valuable business data metric.

Market Positive Testimonials

Get powerful 1st-party reviews that display on your website with our review widget, marked-up with schema.

Request Online Reviews

We make requesting online reviews on 3rd-party review sites like Google easy and within one click.

Marketing & SEO

Market your reputation and reviews with our powerful Review widget, Conversion Pop-up, and other features on your website. Our platform allows for manual control and automated management to display both your 1st-party and 3rd-party reviews on your own website. Drive traffic with search engine optimization visibility and convert visitors to leads with beautifully designed integrations for your website.

Display Your Reviews

Display powerful 1st-party reviews and 3rd-party reviews beautifully on your own website to win new customers.

Simple To Install

Copy and paste a few lines of code and your widget is up and running. It’s mobile-friendly with display options.

Fresh Content That Stands Out

We’ve made adding fresh content to your website easy, best of all it’s marked up with SEO friendly schema.

Gather & Manage

Wouldn’t be easy if only all of your customer feedback, reviews, data, surveys and more are all in one place? Reputation Trojan has got you. Our features allow you to engage more customers valuable feedback so you can manage your customer’s experience. Get a complete view of your business through the eyes and voice of your customer.

Generate Reviews With Ease

We put your customers one simple click away from the review profiles that matter to your business.

Over 40 Review Sites

We have integrated with over 40 review sites like Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor and industry review sites.

Improve Your Reviews & Visibility

Long-term, consistent use of our platform will gain you testimonials, online reviews and better SEO visibility.

Review Monitoring & Reporting

Our custom reports allow you to view your data in any way you want. They are visually engaging with the features you need to filter, sort, customize and compare. We know that capturing, benchmarking and tracking your reputation efforts are key to bring your business to the next level.

Customer Reporting

Our reports offer easy views into your Net Promoter Score, customer feedback, online reviews and more.

Online Review Monitoring

We monitor online review sites and alert you to new reviews posted on your business so you can respond.

Tiered Reporting

Report on one, dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations with our flexible labels and filtering for valuable data.


Self Service Platform setup to help you automated your feedback process and get more positive reviews faster! Your competitors will never know what hit them. No contracts ever!