business reputation case study

  • Case Study 3 | Accounting firm investigated & scrutinized

  • Situation: An accounting firm came under huge scrutiny and was investigated for tax fraud. Even though the accounting firm was never charged and they were found not guilty, the press were all over the investigation and it gained a lot of exposure as you can image. In this case, the account firm had over 4 negative review links on the 1st page of Google which immediately turned their business upside down. The negative press almost owned the entire 1st page of Google for their business name. – See more at:

    Our Results: The accounting firm was referred to us by a client we had worked with in the past. We had multiple meetings and discussed a few options before beginning work on their business name. We used over 5 different strategies simultaneously and tackled each press site individually. Over a period of 11 months, the accounting firms negative press coverage gradually dropped to now reside on the 3rd page of Google, which essentially no one reaches. Their reputation was restored and the 1st page of Google is now filled with positive review and appraise for their work in the community.