personal reputation case study 2

  • Case Study 2 | Bad press about a students action in college

  • Situation: Jake a freshman at college was involved in a brawl with a senior student that was caught on tape. The brawl happened due to an exchange of words after both students exchanged some words in a social studies lecture. The fight was initiated by the senior as seen on tape, which helps Jake’s case. However the tape was posted online under Jake’s name as indicated by the title of the video. Anyone watching the tape wouldn’t know which one of the students was Jake and would automatically assume that the initiator was Jake. As you can imagine, the video accumulated 1000’s of views in matter of months. Soon enough it was ranking #1 on Google for his name and made him notorious in college.

    It wasn’t until 5 years later when Jake was looking for a job, that the video started affecting his reputation and his chances in getting a successful job (other than a UFC job!). He would get denied every time he applied for a job and the employers would mention that video.

    Our Results: We talked to Jake and his parents and discussed his situation very transparently. This is was a too familiar case that almost every college student encounters, however in Jake’s case it was unfortunate since the video accumulated 1000’s of videos and became very popular on search results for his name. After 5 months of working directly with Jake and his parents, we were able to remove the video from search results completely (its not even on page 3 of Google). A few months later, Jake was able to land a job and start his career as a non UFC fighter.